Three Things You Will Need To Learn In Order To Become A Cosmetology Instructor

If you are someone who loves cosmetology and loves teaching people how to do new and exciting things, you may want to consider becoming a cosmetology instructor. Being a cosmetology instructor allows you to teach upcoming stylists how to develop their skills so that they can be the best that they can possibly be. Many people do not realize that there are special skills you must gain in order to become a cosmetology instructor.

Getting The Most Benefit From Your Tape-In Hair Extensions On Your Wedding Day And Beyond

If your wedding day is coming soon and, and like most brides, you've been planning for this day for years, looking your best is likely to be of the utmost importance. One option to consider is the use of hair extensions to provide extra length or volume to your hair. Unfortunately, early incarnations of hair extensions often got a bad reputation, and you might not know how easy it is now to care for and wear qualityhair extensions.

How To Choose The Best Spray Tan Solutions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) list skin cancer as the most common type of cancer. They also report that ultraviolet (UV) light is responsible for causing skin cancer. Instead of exposing your skin to UV light through the sun and indoor tanning beds, use organic spray tan solutions. When deciding which spray tan product to use, there are a few things you'll want to consider.  Look for Alcohol-Free

Three Things You Should Do Before Waxing

Whether you choose to do an at-home waxing kit, or you plan to have a session with a professional wax technician at a salon outside your home, you may be nervous. The process is especially nerve-inducing if you have never had a waxing session before, or you are handling the task yourself for the first time. Before you have any part of your body waxed, whether it is your facial hair, bikini line, legs, or arms, there are a few things you should do to make the process easier and less painful.

Infant Eczema: Causes, Prevention And Treament

Your baby's skin is beautiful and soft, so you can be dismayed to discovered dryness, redness or rashes that suddenly appear. Eczema is one of the most common childhood skin conditions. It appears nearly anywhere on your baby's body. It can look like patches of dry skin, but more severe cases can look like a red, scaly cluster of bumps. Eczema is itchy and it can bleed if it is irritated.