The Benefits Of Using A Safety Razor With Blades

Are you looking for a closer, better shave? If you are using the typical basic razor and shaving cream setup, it's likely you are actually using a shaver that features multi-blade cartridges. Cartridge-based razors typically use multiple blades to get the job done but are set up in a way that won't bring any one blade too close to the skin. If you are looking for a better shave, you might want to seek out a safety razor with blades and start shaving your face the way your father or grandfather used to. Here's why a safety razor might be the right choice for you.

The Word Safety Is Kind of Relative Here

First things first, the term "safety razor" implies extra caution, but you should know up front that this type of razor actually brings a single blade much closer to your skin in comparison to the basic cartridge setup you often see today. It's called a safety razor because, in comparison to a straight razor, it technically is a bit safer. But if you truly want the "safest" shave possible, you will likely want to stick with your cartridges or an electric shaver.

With More Risk Comes Reward

So while a safety razor may not be the safest type of razor on the market, the reason you will want to use it is that bringing that single blade right up to your skin can give you a much, much closer shave than you might be getting from your current cartridge or electric set up. It does take some practice and skill to shave with a safety razor, well, safely, but once you figure things out, you'll be enjoying smoother skin with less stubble after every shave.

Safety Razors With Blades Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Another reason to consider making this switch is that the cost of cartridges has gone up over time as they've added more and more blades or more advanced shaving technology. But a safety razor features only one single blade and none of that high-tech shaving science that goes into some multi-blade cartridges. This means you will find that a basic safety razor is quite affordable, and it's also very affordable to buy blades to go with it, especially considering that you only have to swap out one single blade at a time instead of installing a whole new cartridge.

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