Making Your Kimono Work In Many Ways

Do you already own a kimono? If not, consider buying one to add to your wardrobe. Of course, you can buy a kimono is some stores, but you might have to go from store to store to find one. Because they are not form-fitting, you can even buy kimonos online without the fear that they won't fit you. From wearing your kimonos at home to wearing them for dressy occasions, here are some ideas on how to make your kimonos work for you in many ways.

Think Of Buying More Than One Kimono -

  • Buy a basic black kimono.
  • Buy one in your favorite color.
  • Buy a kimono with a traditional floral design.
  • Buy a kimono with a contemporary design.

The great part about having a kimono for at-home wear is that, if you decide you need to go to a store or to run other errands, you won't even have to change clothes. Just change your house shoes for a pair of nice flats and you'll be ready to walk out the door.

​Solid Color and Black Kimonos - Your black or solid color kimonos will be especially versatile. Just selecting the right jewelry to go with them will give them the look you want. For example, if you want a classic look, choose pearls as your jewelry. Choose something like colorful plastic jewelry or wooden jewelry to give your kimonos a less formal look.

Traditional Floral Design - A traditional floral design for your kimono might take you back to the days when kimonos were worn all the time in far away lands. Think about buying different colors of cummerbunds for your kimonos with a floral design. Then match the kimonos to different shoes and different jewelry.

Contemporary Design -If you have selected a kimono with a contemporary design, say a checkered one or a polka-dotted one, have some fun with how you enhance the kimono. For example, wear it open over a pair of slacks and a top that complement the contemporary design. 

Added Use - Think of also wearing your kimonos as coats. Because they aren't heavy, they will be perfect for cool evenings or for brisk days when you don't need a heavy coat. Add a scarf that complements your kimono in case you end up needing extra warmth, or to just give it a special look. 

And, don't forget that your kimono will be a perfect costume for Halloween. You'll definitely steal the show! For more information, contact companies like Bling Inc.