How to Get Smoother, Softer Lips

Having dry, chapped lips is something that everyone experiences at least a few times a year and it can be uncomfortable. If you want to get a smoother pout and combat the dryness, then consider doing a combination of exfoliating, injecting, and applying a CBD infused lip balm. 

1. Exfoliate

If you go to put on lipstick and you notice that it clumps a lot, then it means that you need to exfoliate your lips. Naturally, just like any part of your body, dead skin builds up on your lips which can be uncomfortable and hard to get rid of on its own. By using either a damp washcloth or a sugar scrub for lips, you can get rid of that dead skin in no time.

When using either one of these treatments, start by dampening the lips with some water, then rub the washcloth or scrub around your lips in a gentle, circular motion; this should help you get rid of all of the built-up skin.

2. Get Lip Injections

As you age, your skin starts to lose elasticity in it which can cause fine lines and wrinkles. One part of your face that you may not realize can experience that same volume loss is your lips. By getting fine lines around your mouth and on your lips, it can make things like applying lipstick seem impossible and it can age your face overall. By injecting a temporary dermal filler into your lips, a facial esthetician can help smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles while adding a little bit of volume to them as well. 

3. Use a CBD-Infused Lip Balm

Dry lips are a common thing that people get either because of things like dehydration, stress, or just a change in temperature. With a moisturizing lip balm, you can help restore the skin on your lips and make them much smoother in the process. While traditional lip balms can be helpful, CBD infused lip balms are starting to gain more and more popularity. CBD oil is an oil that comes from cannabis but it doesn't have any THC in it. When infused inside of a lip balm, CBD can help moisturize and nourish your lips so that they are as soft as ever. 

With these ideas, you can enjoy healthier, smoother lips. To learn more about these treatments, reach out to an esthetician or CBD lip balm supplier in your area.