Are You Hosting A Pampering Party For A Bunch Of Teenage Girls?

Are you the mother of a teenaged girl? If so, maybe you are helping her to plan a pampering party. Or, it might be that you are a youth leader at your church, and you have decided to have a half-sleepover that will include things like facial masks and doing each other's nails and toenails.

Are you still working on the plan for your pampering party? If so, from sending out cute invitations to buying Czech painted nail files, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a totally fun and memorable event.

Send Out Pamper-themed Invitations

Whether the pampering party is for your daughter's birthday, for the girls at your church or for any other group of girls, think about sending out invitations in the mail. Making the invitations can be inexpensive and a lot of fun to do. Just bring out your creative self and get started.

Think of having a funny sketch of a girl's face and put a decoration of cucumber slices over the girl's eyes. The caption next to the face might say something like, Let's Get Beautiful Together! Or, the invitation could have your own hand traced onto the front. Trace your hand with a black marker and then paint fingernails onto the sketch with different colors of colored pencils or markers. The description on your hand-themed invitations might say something like, Hands Down, You're The Best!

​Buy Czech Painted Nail Files Online

Make a list of things you'll need for the party. For example, you'll need cucumbers, things like oatmeal and honey for making a face mask, and coconut oil to use as a moisturizer.

Focus on what you'll need for the pedicures and manicures. Obviously, you'll want things like different colors of nail polishes, cotton balls, and polish remover. However, add pizzaz to the manicures and pedicures by purchasing Czech painted nail files. If you've never used this type of nail file before, you'll more than likely be converted to using them all the time.

Czech painted nail files are made of extremely hard glass, which is part of the reason they are so effective in filing both fingernails and toenails. The bonus is that they're affordable and easy to find because you can buy them online. But, the best part of the Czech files is that they are downright beautiful, a work of art. Buy enough so that each of the girls can take one home with them.

For more information about Czech painted nail files, contact a company like Snazzy Creations.