Prepping Your Beauty Salon For Operation During A Pandemic

Keeping the staff and customers in your beauty salon safe and healthy is a top priority. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to help add safety during a pandemic or cold and flu season. As you look for ways to keep your salon's doors open during a health crisis, consider investing in some specialty equipment to make your job easier and to look out for everyone's health and safety.

Towel Sanitizers

You already know to sanitize combs, scissors, and other equipment in your salon, but you might have overlooked towels. The absorbent construction might provide a hiding space for germs, so consider investing in a towel sanitizer. These devices work to sanitize laundered towels to help kill bacteria and other germs. Some models double as towel warmers, providing a cozy experience for customers getting their hair washed, or getting a shave.

UV Disinfection Cabinets

UV disinfection cabinets provide a smart alternative to the liquid disinfectant you might already use in your salon. The cabinets use UV rays to kill bacteria and germs, and it can be used to treat everything from scissors and combs to tweezers and nail clippers. Look for a model with a locking door for added safety during operation. If you run a nail salon, consider placing a cabinet at each nail station so tools can be disinfected as your staff works throughout the day.

Sneeze Guard Boxes

Sneeze guard boxes for salons are specifically designed to give your staff access to customers' hair and faces. Openings at the end and sides let you style hair and apply makeup, while the durable plastic front works as a barrier against aerosol spray from sneezes and coughs. While this piece of equipment doesn't provide complete protection against the spread of germs, it can help minimize the spread in your salon. You can use sneeze guard boxes while giving clients facials, washing hair, adding curlers, or applying cosmetics. One option is to have one box for every reclining seat you'll have open in your salon. You might even decide to keep these handy tools in use year-round, whether there is a pandemic or not, for added safety.

Of course, you should still rely on best practices recommended by your local board of health and other government health organizations to create a safe environment for your customers and staff. This might include operating at a reduced capacity and enforcing the wearing of face masks by all who enter your building. Creating layers of safety protocols can help protect those you serve and the surrounding community. Contact a salon equipment provider for more information.