9 Ways To Change-Up Your Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a go-to dress for many women. Whether you're attending a party, a funeral, or going on a date, you can't go wrong. The little black dress is easy to dress up or down. If you only have one dress, you can accessorize it to look different every time. Here are 9 ways to accessorize your little black dress for different events. Read more about this topic below. 

1. A colorful purse

One problem is that many women accessorize with the same color, because they become uncomfortable trying to match. You have probably seen many women out and about in a little black dress with black shoes, a black purse, and other black accessories. Just because your dress is black, doesn't mean everything else has to be. Black matches just about everything, especially bright colors. Carry a bright purse or handbag. Red, pink, yellow, or several other colors will do the trick. You can keep it simple with just the purse, or find some shoes to match it.

2. Chunky jewelry

Chunky jewelry is another great accessory for your little black dress. You can go black, or just about any color. If you decided to go with a colorful purse, find a necklace to match it. Large gemstones or beads will stylize your look. Add some earrings and a bracelet as well.

3. A jacket

Whether you want to go edgy or fancy, adding a jacket to your dress will completely change the tone. You can go with a form-fitting blazer, or a red, leather jacket. A simple jacket will change the entire dress. You could wear it to two events in a row, and no one will notice.

4. Add a belt

Another way to change the look of your dress is to add a belt. You can go with the black purse and shoes, but add a fun belt to give it a pop of color. You can go with an elegant red, a simple white, or a fun bright color or silver.

5. Go bohemian

Knee-high boots paired with long, dangling necklaces is another fun can't-miss look. Over the knee boots work well too. Keep it simple and do black boots. Add jewelry that provides a hint of color. Gold chains with a couple large gemstones will do the trick. Keep your hair down, and maybe add some beachy waves.

6. Add a colorful scarf

A colorful scarf can do a lot for an outfit. Most people tie them around their neck or drape it over their shoulders. While both provide a wonderful look, there are actually hundreds of ways to wear a scarf. If you want a truly unique look with a scarf, here are over 100 ways to wear it. Surprise everyone at your next event with a creative look.

7. Go futuristic

If you love the futuristic look, transform your little black dress and make a bold statement. You can do this with geometric jewelry and silver shoes. A futuristic hairstyle will top off the look. Futuristic hairstyles often contain large updos, sudden and drastic changes of color, and hard edges with no curves. Large hairpieces and large, silver clips are a great addition as well.

8. Keep it simple

Your little black dress will give off the sexy vibe by keeping it simple. Put on some sky high nude heels. High heels make your legs look a million miles long. Nude heels give your legs the extra-long appearance as well. Pair them together and you have a winner. Put on a simple, yet elegant diamond necklace with matching earrings.

9. Add embellishments

Adding embellishments to your dress will change up the look. Add a lacy collar, or beaded and lacy embellishments around the neck, sleeves, waistline, and hem. It's a great way to change up an old dress on a budget. No one will know it's the same dress.

Your little black dress doesn't have to look the same every time. Accessorizing is the best way to change your style. You can wear the same dress over and over with a new look every time, and no one will ever know. Try different shoes, accessories, jackets, embellishments, and hairstyles.